About Us


Act on a Dream engages young people in ensuring equality for all immigrants.
Our focus is on providing immigrant youth with equal access to educational opportunities. We raise awareness of the unique challenges faced by our undocumented peers and provide resources to college campuses to better serve these students. Act on a Dream serves as advocate for immigrant youth, provides a channel for student views, and empowers the increasingly diverse millennial generation to take action.


Act on a Dream is a student-led, student-run organization dedicated to eradicating the barriers that immigrant students face in realizing their full potential. We believe in the importance of engaging all youth, regardless of background, and their adult allies in working for the preservation of America’s pledge as the land of opportunity.


Act on a Dream believes in:
The inherit worth and basic human rights of every individual.
The power of youth to change the world.
The increasing interaction and integration among the world’s nations.
America’s responsibility of ensuring liberty and opportunities of all those living within its borders.
The benefits of an ethnically and culturally diverse society.
The right of every young person to have access to an education.
The economic and social advantages of enacting fair and ethical immigration regulations.