Meet our 2015-2016 Act on A Dream Board! Everyone below is passionate about immigration reform and about making a significant difference in the way the current system treats undocumented individuals. Each board member was elected by a group of fellow peers as a capable leader of the struggle for immigration equity.

Co-Director, Advocacy Committee
Edgar Garcia ’18

edgar garc (1)

Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore in Eliot concentrating in Developmental Biology. Being from Cuba by way of Miami, Florida, immigration has always been an issue close to home. Frustratingly enough, though, conversations always carried the tone of tacit acceptance and believed inefficacy within a broken system. With AoD, I’d hope to address these issues and campaign for institutional change both at Harvard and beyond. As Director, I hope to inspire change in much the same way that previous Act on a Dream Directors have so successfully done both in me and in the college.
Co-Director, External Affairs Committee
Paulo Pinto ’18
I am a sophomore economics concentrator living in Leverett House. Growing up in a community where everyone was or knew someone who was an undocumented immigrant, immigration activism and awareness had not been a priority. However, I later realized that for other students, being undocumented was a much more difficult and rare experience. As Co-Director of Act on a Dream, I hope to provide resources for undocumented students while campaigning for long term awareness and concrete legislative reform on immigration.
Daishi Tanaka ’19


“Hey guys!! I’m Daishi Tanaka, a freshman in Weld prospectively studying Government and Economics. Growing up undocumented meant not being able to call the country I’ve been spending most of my life in as my home. I believe this country requires a cultural shift in which this nation realizes that undocumented immigrants are as much American as anyone else. As Director of Advocacy, I am in charge of both humanizing this highly politicized issue and influencing politics nation-wide. I’m really excited to dedicate my heart to AoD this year through awesome projects. Let’s do this. Together.”
External Affairs Committee
Alejandra Resendiz ’19


I’m a freshman in the college planning to concentrate in Environmental Science and Public Policy. I was born in Mexico and my parents decided to immigrate to Houston, Texas when I was nine. My parents immigrated to the United States under a work visa, which required endless requirements.Despite the investments they made, my parents and my siblings will never have a direct path to citizenship. For this reason immigration has always been an integral part of my life. I believe that the immigration system for documented as well as undocumented immigrants needs to be modified.
Community Building Committee
Enrique Ramirez ’17

uu (1)

I am a junior at Harvard College studying philosophy. My interests include avocados, ping-pong, and Latin American literature. I was born in Mexico but grew up in Houston, TX. At Harvard, I’ve been involved with Act on a Dream since my freshman fall. As an undocumented student myself, I’ve felt that there is so much to be done for the empowerment of undocumented students on campus and in the “real” world. I am most interested in spreading awareness about the broken American immigration system and promoting meaningful, logical discourse concerning immigration. If you ever want to play some ping-pong, look me up on the Harvard facebook or something!


Director of Operations
Zoe Ortiz ’19


Hi y’all! My name is Zoe Ortiz and I am a Freshman in Stoughton Hall hoping to concentrate in Government with a secondary in Latino Studies. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I have helped friends find ways to get to college despite the numerous obstacles.I am passionate about immigration rights and reform, because it is a central belief of mine that there should be a direct pathway to citizenship for everyone that desires to embark on it. I hope to spread awareness about the importance of immigration reform and advocate for it to happen with Act on a Dream.

The Act on a Dream board is voted on by the organization each year. The following is a list of the board members for the 2014 school year.

  • Lizbeth Hernandez ’16, Director
  • Illian Meza ’17, Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Juan Bedoya ’16, Director of Ivy League Coalition
  • Clare Gloslant ’16, Director of Ivy League Coalition
  • Sungmin Oh ’17, Directors of Operations
  • Director of Resources ’16, Directors of Resources

The Act on a Dream board is voted on by the organization each year. The following is a list of the board members for the 2013 school year.

  • Anahi Mendoza ’15, Chair
  • Tania Amarillas ’15, Legislative Director
  • Lizbeth Hernandez ’16, Director of Operations
  • Juan Bedoya ’16, Director of Operations
  • Luis Perez ’16, Director of Public Relations and Outreach
  • Jordan Miller ’15, Resources/ Best Practices Manager
  • Rosa Huang ’15, Coalition Liason
  • Lisette Candia ’16, Coalition Liason